Barocas Caffè...






For those who prefer a taste strong, which meets and recalls the tradition Naples, the composition of 20% Arabica and 80% Robusta makes Follia the most suitable choice.

The profile sensory this mixture has a very intense flavor with an aftertaste of cocoa and a cream dark hazel.
Very consistent on the palate.



With the aim of satisfying the most demanding palates, we have developed a blend balanced that gives the opportunity to taste the coffee to 360 degrees.

With a composition of 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta, Satori is placed between the more preferences.

From the point of view sensory , the coffee is rich nell'aroma, with hints of chocolate and can generate a substantial cream Hazel uniform.
Consistent on the palate.


In the professionalism of the style , stands out among our choices this mixture, consisting of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta.

Essence , aims to impress connoisseurs through a refined selection of mainly Arabica beans.

This experience is characterized by an aroma fruit and flowery with hints of chocolate and toast.
The cream is light brown with reddish highlights.
Velvety on the palate.


We could not miss among our ranks, a mixture that allows those not like Caffeine , but that, like us, love unconditionally coffee, to be able to test grain Barocas.

Only washed to water and with a high degree of digestibility, Dek , is the composition that completes our offer.

Despite being deprived of caffeine, the taste , is sweet with a hint of chocolate, flowers and toast.
with cream hazel clear and consistency than the palate.


Soluble preparations for drinks tastes:

GINSENG , Thanks to the beneficial properties of ginseng is ideal to be enjoyed at any time of the day for a break alternative, energy and regenerating.

CHOCOLATE , Ideal at any time of the day, satisfies the palate of chocolate lovers and all those who want a break particularly intoxicating.

BARLEY , Great at any time of the day, is ideal for those who want a refreshing break, in the name of healthy and balanced.